MK23/SSX23 NBB double TDC Cover
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MK23/SSX23 NBB double TDC Cover

MK23/SSX23 NBB double TDC Cover. Made of carbon fiber.

€15.00 (tax incl.) €12.40 (tax excl.)
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It allows the adjustment of the Hop up, externally, without having to disassemble the Socom Mk23.

Double adjustment system to be able to correct possible deviations, the screws are adjusted just in the wrists of the original actuator of the gun, giving a more stable and distant flight.

This system allows to have a more millimeter and simple adjustment than the original.

The kit includes the TDC part adapted to the Socom Mk23, M3 screw and 1.5 allen key.

Made of carbon fiber.

Compatible with: TM, STTI, ASG