Mk23 Triple X Slide
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Mk23 Triple X Slide

Mk23 Triple X Slide

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Standard slide Mk23 "TRIPLE X", made of carbon fiber, is a beautiful work of Airsoftprint3d. This slide fits all Mk23 models (NBB). The slide has a design with marked details on the sides and following the aesthetic up to the back, which gives a different touch to the slide. We have two models with riser and without upper riser, the model that has ris as part of the slide, is compatible with the vast majority of rmr on the market.

It has interchangeable sights to choose between 2 colors, red and green.

If you want to give your mk23 a different look, this is definitely the right slide.

* This product is manufactured to order by strict order of purchase, if you are interested, you can make the payment and we will contact you to give you an estimated delivery date.

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